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Available in Two Versions Express (75 Employee) Single user @ £750 Premium (Unlimited Employee) Multi User @ £995

The Direct Time Workforce Management Software is available in two versions Express or Premium

Expess is 75 employee capacity (single user)

Premium is unlimited employee capacity (Multi user)

Simply define each of your daily/weekly work patterns and the easy-to-use software will calculate the most complex of overtime rules. Replace labourious, manual, 'pen-and-paper' calculations with this automated, total-hours-worked solution to improve efficiency and reduce human error.

Implementing Direct Time >> will save you time and money.

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•An SQL database means that the application is true multi-user and extremely fast!

•A pro-active Agenda features seeks-out the exact information your require.

•The application uses an familiar menu system which reduces wasted time.

•All references and tables are user defined – no descriptions are hard coded.

•Wizards are available to help occasional users to complete major tasks.

•Connects to the timeware range of data collection terminals.



People make businesses and organisations successful. Managing those people’s information assists in achieving this success. Fitting then, that at the heart of each Direct Time system is personnel.

Direct Time personnel provides an effective way of managing all your personnel data. It allows you to store, update and view personnel information, with full auditing, in a secure environment based on company defined permissions. Direct Time personnel keeps all of your information in one place. From copies of driving licenses to previous employer references, from blood type to bank account details - Direct Time personnel stores the data centrally making it available for viewing and reporting when required. The key is having all your information in one easily accessible place. Everything from contact details to medical reviews, vehicle information to yearly appraisals – Direct Time provides a truly effective solution. Direct Time personnel integrates with the agenda to provide reminders of important events ranging from birthdays to certification renewal.

In short, Direct Time personnel sets the standard for integrated H.R.

  • Take staff ID photos through the personnel module using any webcam.
  • Store employment details including training, disciplinary and qualifications gained.
  • Use the personnel wizard to quickly set up new employees, ensuring that all the required information has been added correctly.
  • The pro-active To-do list lets you know when qualifications, review dates etc. are about to expire.
  • User defined fields allow you to hold unlimited amounts of information specific to your company that is not included in the other personnel modules.
  • Scan documents such as driving license and passport and store within the employees record.
  • Print staff ID badges through the personnel module directly to your ID badge printer.
  • Connection to the asset management module enables the recording of PPE, mobile phones and IT technology.

New features include:

  • Improved menu layout
  • Document scanning
  • Enhanced employment history records
  • Training matrix




Increasing your company’s productivity starts with one important factor – the improvement of your employee’s time keeping. The right people in the right place at the right time will guarantee ‘smooth running’ with maximum efficiency – a goal that every company should strive to achieve.

Direct Time attendance provides you with the tools to schedule where your workforce should be and how long they should be working. It allows you to plan for each department within the company, selecting employees with the relevant tasks for the job in hand.

An increasing number of businesses are choosing flexitime, rotational shifts and annualised hours as their preferred working method. Direct Time can cope with any type of work pattern and overtime calculation using its unique script engine.

Not all systems are designed to our high standard. Direct Time has spent over twenty five years developing a sophisticated attendance product that alerts users to several basic, yet important facts;





Tracking holiday entitlement, managing holiday schedules and monitoring absenteeism are the three essential factors that make up Direct Time absence management.

It is now possible to create absence entitlement policies that define the number of days holiday based on years service from any date. You can specify the amount of time that may be carried forward from one year to the next and even award entitlement credits for additional holidays. All absence management amendments must be approved and finalised for secure auditing.

What would happen if all the fork-lift drivers were on holiday at the same time? Or the first aiders? or the staff qualified to complete key tasks in the workplace? timeware® absence management enables line managers to view holiday plans before authorising an absence booking. Direct Time also keeps track of the types of absenteeism in the workplace as well as monitoring the holidays taken and days booked in advanced.

  • Comprehensive absence and holiday booking screens ensure that the required information has been entered correctly.
  • Compatible with Bradford Factor methodology.
  • Detailed statistical information is available while booking absences, this will allow you to keep good staffing levels and ensure that employees cannot take more than their yearly entitlement.
  • Direct Time automatically renews each person’s absence entitlements every year, taking into account any days carried forward from the previous absence year and can even award additional time due to a person’s years service.
  • Create absence entitlement policies with special rules for new starters and long serving employees.
  • Enhanced tactical absence analysis.



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